Why us?


Bespoke Writing

We work closely with you to understand your showreel goals as well as your vocal range and ability to create characters and scripts designed to showcase your individual talent.


Remote Recording

Wherever you are in the world, we can connect remotely to plan, direct and record your showreel through Source Connect, Cleanfeed or Skype/Zoom from the comfort of your own studio.


Exceptional Production

We’ll then mix, master and produce your reel to the highest standard, with a combination of breath-taking music, SFX and custom sound design. We’re not satisfied until you are.


Bespoke Writing

We’ll first arrange an initial online consultation to talk through your showreel goals and expectations as well as any specific genres, accents, character types etc. that you’d like to include in your reel. We’ll then use this information to develop a range of characters and bespoke scripts that highlight your strengths and allow you to really showcase your talent. We offer an additional consultation session to review the scripts and characters with you, answer any questions you may have, and allow you to make any amendments or suggestions if you’d like. We’ll then schedule a live recording session with you at a time and date that's convenient to you.

Remote Recording

Once the scripts have been finalised, we’ll schedule the recording session with you at a time and date that suits you. You'll need to allow up to 2.5 hours in total - though you'll be having so much fun, it'll barely seem like 30 minutes! We’ll be there to direct the session and ensure the best performances are captured to bring the reel to life. We take everything at a pace you are comfortable with; it’s YOUR session and we want to ensure you get as much out of it as possible. Most of our live sessions are conducted remotely via Source Connect or Cleanfeed and from the comfort of your own studio. Alternatively, we can patch in via phone, Zoom or Skype to direct the session. If you're based in the UK and would prefer to record with us in person, we have a professional studio located just outside of Cornwall, SW.    

Exceptional Production

After your recording session, we’ll then start production work over the following week. We'll mix, master and produce your reel to the highest standards, with a blend of breathtaking music, immersive sound effects and, custom sound design to really bring your showreel to life. We'll deliver a first draft of your reel shortly after, ready for any feedback, tweaks or amendments if required. We’re not satisfied unless you are, so we’ll keep working with you until you are 100% happy with your new showreel. Once finalised, we'll provide your final showreel in both MP3 and WAV formats, as well as a visual MP4 version - perfect for posting on social media! For more details please see our FAQ section, or download an information pack below.


This is perhaps the most important question to ask before creating a voiceover showreel. Attempting to make a reel too soon is simply a waste of your own time and money. In addition, when we work with talent to produce their showreels, we’re putting our own reputation on the line too and so we too want to make sure you are truly ‘demo ready’, not only in your acting ability but also in terms of your audio quality and your vocal range etc. If you’re an experienced voiceover artist, have a background in acting or are working with a coach who has told you that you are ‘demo ready’ then that’s fantastic!


If however, you are still relatively new to the industry, have little or no experience in voicing for video games, animation or character work or are not equipped to produce ‘broadcast-quality’ audio, it’s likely you are not yet ‘demo ready’. If you are somewhere in the middle and are a little unsure, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via the contact form on the home page. We have a range of test scripts we can send you to record and send back to us, and we will be happy to assess and advise whether you’re ready or can let you know any areas where you may still need to work to improve before being ready to record a professional showreel.

Our initial consultations are offered free of charge and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed, following this. Creating a showreel is a very collaborative, yet intimate experience, and so we want you to feel comfortable in choosing to work with us before committing to anything. These consultations are an excellent opportunity to discuss your voiceover background, the goals and expectations for your showreel, as well as the more specific elements you’d like to include. It’s also a chance for you to share with us any existing work, character voices, accents or specific vocal skills you have, to help us in developing the most effective and engaging scripts and characters for your reel.

Absolutely! If you’re located in the UK, we have a professional, fully equipped studio just outside of Cornwall, in the South West. Alternatively, wherever you are located in the world, you can of course hire a studio local to you, and we will be more than happy to patch in and conduct the session through your own external studio of choice.

There are many factors that determine how long the full process takes from start to finish, including your own availability and turnaround times for communication, etc. However, after your initial consultation, we aim to have the first draft scripts to you within 4-5 working days. Once the recording session has taken place, the production time on the first draft is usually between 5 – 7 working days, with a further 2-3 days following any amendments or changes requested.

Yes – of course! We understand that everyone works in very different ways. While many prefer to remain completely hands-off in terms of the writing and production elements, others may have a more specific vision and may wish to have a hand in the creative input. We are more than happy to accommodate your individual requirements in this regard.

We understand that a career in voiceover is ever-evolving and that actors never stop learning and developing their skills, often discovering new voices and characters within themselves they never knew existed. It can be frustrating 6-months after creating a new showreel, to think “Damn! I wish I’d included this new voice in my showreel“… or to be cast in a huge project that you’d like to showcase as part of your demo reel, only to have created it a few months prior. That’s why we securely keep all of your audio on file, so that should you wish to add a new spot, amend an existing one or have a new script written based on your brief in the future, we’re able to jump right in and keep your reel fresh. Amendments after completion sign-off (minor or full re-writes) are charged at £55 per spot.

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